Rock Climbing – Red Rock Open Space

Today was the perfect day to go rock climbing!  We’d scheduled it for last weekend, but a spring snowstorm cancelled our climbing plans. 

When we arrived at the site I climbed up first and attached myself to a 2 foot tether.  I stayed up on a ledge for the next 3 hours, watching and encouraging the girls as they climbed.  I wanted pictures, so I was more than willing to sit there to get them.  Unfortunately though, since I was only on a 2 foot tether, I couldn’t move much.  I couldn’t sit down or stand up, so I kind of braced myself in various uncomfortable positions.  It was worth it though!  I got some amazing photos!

We were climbing until 1pm, but by about 12:15pm the girls were pretty tired.  So I came back down and decided to do some climbing myself.  There was one particular run every girl had a hard time on, and from where I was ‘sitting’ I was encouraging them to continue.  Most wanted to give up, and some took 15 minutes or more to get over this hump in the climb. 

I’ve always said I’d never ask the girls to do something I wasn’t willing to do, so as they were taking a break I climbed each of the runs.  I’m very proud to say I was able to do each in under 5 minutes.  I’m in pretty good shape, and climbing wasn’t difficult strength wise at all.  Rock Climbing shoes are like magic:  they kind of turn you into a spider, so all you need to do is trust you can do it, and keep going.  I love to rock climb, but don’t have any gear.  If I want to be a serious team member on class 4 and 5 14ers I need to know what I’m doing.  No, I don’t have the proper gear, but I do have a positive attitude, and I can climb without difficulty.  And I can properly belay, tie knots, and know how to wear/use gear.  Now for more practice!

Author: Laura M Clark

Mom, Solo Colorado 14er Finisher, Outdoor Enthusiast, Traveler, and Girl Scout Leader with an MBA in International Business and Marketing. I value adventure, growth, courage, wisdom, integrity, accountability, and family. I enjoy yoga, wine, whiskey, traveling, reading, and the outdoors. I strive to be the person who inspires and motivates myself and others to succeed.

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