2019 Stats of Goals


Today was my last day of the year I had available to hike, and while the weather was chilly I had no idea just how cold it actually was. The forecast said the low was -6 and the high was 5, but there wasn’t supposed to be any wind so those temperatures seemed doable to me. I got up and drove to the trailhead, just to discover it was negative 36 degrees outside.  I didn’t realize it could even get that cold in Colorado!

I sat in my truck, willing the temperature to rise for a good half an hour before it didn’t and I decided to drive home. I felt -36 was just too cold to make an attempt.  In fact, I was even a little scared to turn off my truck because I wasn’t sure it’d start again in those temperatures.  I was bummed the weather forecast had been so off, but enjoyed the solitude on the drive there and back.  Since this was my last chance to hike I can now re-cap my 2019 goals and reflect on how I did:

Hiking related 2019 goals:

Help someone climb a 13er or 14er, or any hike they didn’t think was possible for them. Done. Started them on Sniktau and kept going from there.

Complete 4 highpoints outside of Colorado, with at least 1 being above 10,000’. Done, I did 7, with 3 above 10,000’

  • Black Mesa – OK, 4973’
  • Guadalupe Peak – TX, 8749’
  • Reno Point – DC – 409’
  • Wheeler Peak – NM – 13,161
  • Mt Whitney – CA – 14,508’
  • Boundary Peak – NV- 13,180’
  • Woodall Mountain – MS – 806’


Complete 21 Centennials (I’m currently at 76, so this would bring me to 97). Done, I completed all the Centennials.

Complete 5 winter 14er ascents (duplicate peaks are ok). Done. I completed 10 winter 14ers and 4 winter 13ers, summiting a couple (Quandary) more than once.

Climb 80 peaks. Done. 80 ranked, 18 unranked, for a total of 98

Hike on 50 days this calendar year. Done. I hiked on 71 days, not including my treks up the Manitou Incline and down the Barr Trail or local hikes.

Attend 12 Happy Hour meet-ups. Nope. I attended 10.

Try 3 new types of Whiskey (yes, this is hiking related, and not a stretch goal considering the point above). Done, done, and done. I stopped counting at 8.

Keep track of miles hiked. Done, 839 total miles hiked, not including my Manitou Incline hikes, local treks without a summit, or daily treadmill time

Author: Laura M Clark

Mom, Solo Colorado 14er Finisher, Outdoor Enthusiast, Traveler, and Girl Scout Leader with an MBA in International Business and Marketing. I value adventure, growth, courage, wisdom, integrity, accountability, and family. I enjoy yoga, wine, whiskey, traveling, reading, and the outdoors. I strive to be the person who inspires and motivates myself and others to succeed.

One thought on “2019 Stats of Goals”

  1. You always make wise decisions Laura.When it comes to to weather conditions and safty for Your well being . I count it a pleasure to be able to read of Your accomplishments and desired greatly to do them myself. Age is a factor in keeping a person from completing these desires to a certain degree.This will not happen to You as long as no one impedes Your desires to attain Your many set goals. You are magnificent Laura(Wild Wanderer).I will never stop encouraging You to continue giving Your all because that is You.Their is no one like you (male or female)that can hold a candle to Your exciting fearless lifestyle. Thank You Miss Lady Laura. Please fogive me if I offend You in my responses to Your grateful postings. Respectfully @ Sincerly Jim


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