PT 13549 and Cinnamon Mountain – 13,336

RT Length: 4.06 miles

Elevation Gain: 1419’

I’d forgotten what an intense drive Cinnamon Pass was… or at least, I didn’t remember it being this bad.  I drove a stock Tacoma to the pass, and while it handled famously, I probably asked it to do more than it wanted to do.  Luckily, at this time of the year, I was the only one there, and I didn’t see anyone else on the road the entire day. I parked at the pass and was on my way.

There is a trail here that goes all the way up to the saddle.  I started by following it south

It had snowed in the last week or so, and even though there weren’t any footprints on the trail besides a few game tracks here and there, the path was obvious to the ridge

Also, all the little snow there was, was on the trail.  I sunk up to my thighs post-holing.

Once on the ridge, I could clearly see PT 13512, my first objective

This was very straightforward.  I just headed southeast.  Side note:  If you’re a rock hound, there are a ton of really cool rocks on this hike, complete with white, black, yellow, and orange crystals that shine in the sun.

The ‘summit’ was obvious

However, this wasn’t an actual ranked summit.  I was headed towards PT 13549, to the south

To get there, I followed the class 2 ridge as it curved southwest, and then southeast towards the summit.  Here are some pictures of the ridge.

I summited PT 13549 at 11:30am

PT 13549:

After taking in the views, I followed the ridge back to PT 13512

Once back at 13512, I turned left, and headed northeast over to Cinnamon Mountain.  This was once again a class 2 hike

I summited Cinnamon Mountain at 12:30pm

Cinnamon Mountain:

When I looked east, the route back to Cinnamon Pass was obvious

Here are some pictures down the ridge

And then from the ridge back to the trailhead

I made it back to my truck at 1pm, making this a 4.06 mile hike with of 1419’ of elevation gain in 2.5 hours.  And now, to drive back down from Cinnamon Pass. 

On to the next trailhead!