PT 13556

RT Length:  6.51 miles

Elevation Gain:  2015’

This was my second attempt at this peak.  On the first attempt, there was unexpected snow the night before, and I deemed the class 3 section too difficult with a dusting of snow and rocks covered in a thin layer of ice. 

So, I came back a week later, after the snow had melted out, and tried again.  I started at 6am from the Linkins Lake and Upper Lost Man Trailhead.

I followed the class 1 trail north, following Trail #1996, Lost Man Trail

Here’s a glimpse of PT 13556

To get there, I’d first have to pass Independence Lake, and make it to the pass, which was about 2.5 miles from the trailhead

Once at the pass, I turned right and followed a faint trail east that eventually petered out.  I was headed for the ridge.

I ascended the ridge, then turned right and followed it southeast towards the summit. Initially, the terrain started out as class 2 and I just followed the ridge

But pretty quickly I was in class 3 territory.  Most of the ridge goes at sustained class 3, with a lot of fun scrambling.  Here’s the route I took.  I initially dipped down a bit, finding a navigable hole in the ridge to pass

Next, I dropped down a few feet, and continued following the ridge

Now for the fun scrambling.  This is choose your own adventure, but this is the route I took

Eventually the ridge ran out, and I had to go to the right

Then it was an easy scramble to the summit

PT 13556:

PT 13556:

From the summit, I had great views of Twining Peak and 13500 to the south

Now for the route back down.  I just retraced my steps, but it looks a lot different heading back than it did going in.

Now back on the class 2 section of the ridge, I took it back to the saddle

Then I turned left onto trail 1996, and followed it south back to the trailhead

I made it back to my truck at 8:45am, making this a 6.51 mile hike with 2015’ of elevation gain in 3 hours, 45 minutes. 

While it had been beautiful being there with a dusting of snow last time, I was glad I’d turned around, as I now realized the scrambling on ice would have been dangerous:  There just hadn’t been enough snow to provide traction, and the ice had been slippery.

As an added bonus, this time I got to drive home while enjoying the fall colors

On to the next trailhead!