Knee Progress

Well, this is my knee exactly 2 weeks after the incident.  I’m pretty happy with how well it’s healing.  Seriously, considering I didn’t get the stitches I’m pretty sure I needed. 

You can still see the three puncture sites, although there’s only one that hasn’t healed all the way yet and is still tender to touch.  That one’s going to give me the “biggest” scar, although it won’t even really be that bad.  You can also see the little “pimples” popping up all over my knee:  Since I didn’t immediately wash the injury little pieces of sand, dirt, and rocks lodged themselves in the cracks, and they’re working themselves out. There is a very large bruise the length of my knee and shin, but all in all it’s doing pretty well. 

What’s even cooler is I was able to hike Pikes Peak again yesterday.  When I first fell I was worried I’d seriously injured myself and that I wouldn’t be able to work out/hike/do yoga for a while.  I probably should have taken a few days off, but I’m too stubborn for that.

I’ve been a terrible patient, but great at caring for the wounds.  I didn’t use antibacterial ointment (gasp) but did change the dressings daily and used quite a bit of Vaseline.  That stuff works miracles.  I predict it to be fully healed within a week (crossing fingers).

This is where I fell

OK, you’ve all read the story, so here’s the picture I neglected to stop and take when I took my tumble.  This is at about MM5.5 on the Barr Trail, and in this picture you can’t see the dirt/dust because it had just rained and settled everything down.

I was hiking down the trail (so in this picture think of someone walking towards you), rounded the corner, tripped over one of the larger rocks, and fell onto a smaller one.  Then I kept going.